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It says it all

There are certain days when dressing up casually is a real luxury. Throwing on some comfortable flats, a super cozy sweater and just go without having to think of anything else. I’ll of course manage to squeeze in somewhere a nice little bag or pair of shoes but the less is more motto just feels just so good. No second thoughts.

I don’t usually wear many logo prints but I have so say, I completely adored this “Classic” one from ILY Couture as it’s so chic at the same time as well. They have so many cool ones on their website that I had my eyes on. The perfect piece for traveling or simply a day out feeling relaxed.

We shot these images during our stay in Paris, hanging out in it’s charming little streets. The city is a real blogger’s dream as it’s so beautiful and photogenic under any angle. We could have shot our images seriously anywhere and it would have looked fantastic.

Currently, as you might know from Instagram, we are together with James in Detroit “living” in the record studio… So much magic is happening guys, you can’t even imagine. I feel so so so happy and excited. Nothing makes me feel better than being able to be in a studio and do music, and only music for 7 days. I wish it could always be like that. Don’t need much, living on coffee, water and endless, sweet hours of music, creating, learning, writing, improving…

Stay updated guys as we’re having a big surprise planned for you tomorrow!




SHOES : Mango

BAG : Chanel 



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