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Second montee des marches


Here we go with the rest of the images from our coverage of the Cannes film festival! Being Chopard’s special guest was a real honor and allowed us to have a 360° view over all the season’s best activities. Not only are they the official sponsors of the event, they also represent perfectly the Cannes atmosphere being the symbol celebrating this glamorous, luxurious ambiance in the air.

Our schedule during the whole week was simply crazy. It is quite impressive to see the enormous amount of preparations that go into one montée des marches, from a brand’s perspective to a personality’s perspective of course. Organizing the dress, the fittings, make sure no body else wears it (because that would be very awkward…), plan the right jewels and have all the insurances filled out, have a body guard for the jewelry’s security, organize a driver,hair, make-up! That makes it a lot of details to coordinate for only a few minutes of red carpet. But I swear, these few minutes are hard to forget…

That day, for my second Montée Des Marches, I wanted to pull out a timeless, modern mermaid kind of look. Very romantic yet quite bohemian as well with the loose, kind of messy but not messy hair. This dress though. This dress. It’s from my dear Roberto Cavalli and I love it.The first time I saw it, I was ready to fall on the floor. The fit of the gown is simply mind blowing, flattering the curves like nothing else and creating this sexy, iconic silhouette. I was in awe. However, because of the corset, it was quite difficult to sit straight as it was smashing my belly. So during the whole movie projection you could hear me breath very, very deeply like an old little woman.

To match this outfit, we picked some romantic, very feminine jewels by Chopard of course. A heart shaped diamond bracelet and some emerald earrings as the cherry on the top. As for the make-up, I wanted a natural lip, glowy skin and a shiny smokey eye! What do you guys think about this look? Can’t wait to read your thoughts.


 DRESS / ACCESSORIES : Roberto Cavalli

JEWELS : Chopard

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