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Parisian balcony

Strange thing happened, as I was editing this article it accidentally went live for no reason! So some of you guys might have had a little preview before the official post, you little sneaky ones. I am still in Detroit at the moment, literally living in the music studio writing new songs and just working, working, working non stop. I love it so much. I feel so happy being able to do only music for seven days, can’t even explain how genuinely excited I am. It’s like I can materialize my feelings through music and all the ideas I have in my head. Make them real, have a grasp of them and just let it all go. The fear, the pressure, the apprehension to only let the music in and let out all the emotions.

It’s really therapeutic actually. I go over so many things that happened in my life these past couple of years. There’s so much I want to say, wish I could say on Kayture but it’s like there’s something lacking to be able to express it properly and music comes in as the perfect way. It’s a universal language that we all understand, that we can all put our own images to and make them our own songs. Our own stories. And that’s what I find so beautiful about it. A song can speak in such a personal way to one person just as much as to millions. It might touch us all differently depending on what we went through too. Music is so powerful, it goes deep down into our souls. It has the ability to make us cry and laugh in just a couple of seconds. It’s just…pure magic.

Yeah, you guys got me. I feel so inspired and happy at this moment. With that being said, let me share with you today’s images that we shot at the unbelievably beautiful Park Hyatt hotel in Paris. When we’re in town, we have the chance to stay there. It’s our little home away from home right by place Vendôme. I mean, pretty chic for a parisian home right? During our visit, we had the pleasure to try their wonderful restaurant called Pure, a real educational, flavorful journey thorough french cuisine, as well as their Spa which has recently welcomed La Mer products. No better way to get pampered! James and I shot these images on the little balcony of our room. I wore this beautiful V Label dress and some Alexander Wang heels before dinner time. Feeling all glamorous in late afternoon Paris…


DRESS : V Label London

SHOES : Alexander Wang


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