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Queen of hearts

Hello loves! Hope you had an absolutely magical week-end. It’s been a very busy period of time for James and I lately. After L.A, Shanghai, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Paris twice and then Barcelona we finally landed in the city where I will spend the next seven days working on a project that means more than anything to me. That’s right guys, I just landed in Detroit, a city with such a strong musical background, to hibernate in studio and write my very first demos. Hopefully to eventually have my EP ready in a couple of months!

So excited to see it all come to life! I am shacking of excitement. I can’t be more blessed to share such wonderful adventures with you guys. We’ve been working really hard and a couple of highly promising and innovative projects which are going to be unveiled step by step very soon. It was extremely important for me to find the right fit, the right team to create and learn with as music is a rather new industry for me. Yet, I always knew that it’s something I wanted to do. Fashion has always been one of my biggest passions, but it feels so good to get out of my comfort zone to do something so new, and different. I feel so alive!

I am happy to share with you today a new shooting James and I shot in Paris. This is one of my favorite sets of images, I just love the feeling out of them. This red dress for example from Self Portrait matched with the Urania Gazelli clutch looked perfect surrounded by the beautiful parisian architecture. I don’t wear red that often, but still, I think it’s an amazing color for evening wear and I especially love red lace. To down it up a little, I decided to keep my hair straight and paired the outfit to some pretty nude Valentinos.


DRESS : Self Portrait (or Similar)

SHOES : Valentino

CLUTCH : Urania Gazelli 

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