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In the past couple of months, I have learned the tremendous importance of loosing control and letting things flow at their natural pace… I guess having to lead my own business and platform, I became an actual workaholic control freak. Fact is, it is honestly totally fine with me as it serves my job pretty well. But at the end of the day, I realized how hard it was to let myself go into normal, everyday life things and how I would restrict myself from so much due to professional ambition thinking that I wasn’t allowed to have normal relationships or take time off because I had a duty. It felt like I needed to feed my determination everyday with something that allowed me to move forward in the direction I have projected.

Don’t get me wrong, I am driven. My determination has never been bigger. There are so many things I want to do, achieve and see in life. I don’t want to wait for things to happen, I want to make them happen. I don’t just want to sit and hope, I want to be out there making sure it does work. I always said that I feared regret… Well usually when I said that, I meant professional regret. Not taking the risk, not following my heart at the right time or working enough. Recently I realized that I also don’t want to face a personal regret… Of forgetting to live great moments with my friends, having non career related fun, being just simple, young and crazy.

I am in a constant introspection mode and ever since we’ve been back from holidays, I almost feel like a new person. In the best way possible. I am more motivated than ever to keep on going and to fight my way to make it. To make my dreams come true because I believe so deeply in them. But also, I realized how important it is to let go, feel free, be free instead of constantly overly protecting myself with an armor. Just to be myself in the most natural, spontaneous way possible. Spending a week of holidays with my best friend Fiona in Italy, Sardinia, at the Forte Village resort definitely helped me me realize all these things.

We had the longest talks possible, on the beach, at breakfast, at dinner, before bed… We’d rebuild the world. I am so used to travelling with James, which I absolutely love as we get along like two pieces of a puzzle. However, it was also so nice to spend some girl time as it’s not something I usually have the chance to do that often. Discussing girl topics freely and just to be able to have a different person’s point of view is such a blessing…

To be totally true, we spent the most fabulous time at Forte Village, enjoying every bite of it. While walking around, we saw so many breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and little corners that we had to make some pictures. So for the first time, Fiona took the camera to shoot a couple of images and I am really fond of the result! We went up on the roof of the main area of the hotel, observing the village from above. Such a peaceful and yet quiet magical moment.


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