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Fashion week is always such an exciting period of the year, we meet so many incredibly inspiring people, attend beautiful events, can have a feel of the upcoming trends and pieces that everyone’s going to rave about, above all it’s also an occasion to travel the world and to live life at a a high speed pace while enjoying fashion at it’s most.

New York has been one crazy ball of fire. We’ve been planning this season for months and it was such a relief and reward to see the result of our efforts. Planning and managing a big season like this comes with a lot of chalenges and above all pressure to keep the whole schedule coordinated. I know that if we’re well structured and organized everything will go smoothly.

Of course, there are always some unexpected surprises which can add a little bit of stress on the moment, but once the whole experience is behind,these are all great anecdotes to laugh about! I can’t even relate how many crazy things happened to us so far, from a heel that broke, a entire hotel room that we forgot to book, a wi-fi that just won’t work, 2 extra suitcases that we had to buy, we could honestly do a drama show. Honestly once we were flying from New York on our way to Milan, we were so proud of everything we’ve already accomplished so far.

When you sleep barely 4 hours per night, eat once a day and spend each second of your free time answering e-mails or sending urgent images, it can get a little crazy and overwhelming. One thing is more sure, a lot of concealer coffee and eye patches are needed! Luckily, this season we had our amazing colleague Fiona who came with us to keep everything coordinated, and our team back in Switzerland to edit the images as well as manage our accounting. It feels so good to know that we are a team, moving forward and being as efficient as possible. Even if a little mistake happens, we all try to be on top of things and do the best job possible.

So that day, after a big, busy morning, I made it to the Michael Kors show wearing this absolutely crazy transparent coat from Minusey. I have to say, at first I was super surprised by it and didn’t really know how to wear it. But it was a risky pick and I definitely got seduced by it’s originality. Paired with this lavender dress, I wanted to create a graphic silhouette while playing with color blocking and quirky details such as these Happy Diamonds jewels by Chopard to add some playful luxury to the look, as well as one of their timeless watch piece to elevate this fun look.



DRESS : Keepsake

SHOES : Zara

BAG : Shourouk

COAT : Minusey

JEWELS : Chopard 

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