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In a rush of time


New York is such a vibrant and vivid city. Every single time we stay there, I am feeling on one hand a tiny exhausted by this continuous hectic pace but on the other so recharged and empowered by such lively, actif and busy rhythm of life. Things get done so quickly, business is so efficient, projects get negotiated in only a few hours while in Europe in can take weeks, months, years sometimes! Don’t get me wrong, both are good, but completely different. It’s all about the perspective and the mentality, but I have to say it’s nice to face different working methods from time to time. NYC is this city where you feel a little bit like everywhere. From one area to another you end up in Italy, China, Russia and even somewhere close to London or Paris. There’s so much cultural diversity and therefore you somehow always find your marks.

So far, I’ve never felt lost in New York. We’ve been coming back twice a year for fashion week and even though we like to go back to our same favorite places, we also like discovering new spots if our schedule allows us to do so. This time, our season was packed up with fittings, shows and events. If usually we like to add in a couple of presentation visits, or even manage to squeeze in a cozy coffee with beloved friends, this year our calendar didn’t really allow us to and we ended up spending our days running, cabbing from one location to another, rushing through this fully filled up fashion week season. Which is great of course, means things are going really well, but NYC has so many fabulous spots for shopping and food, I have to say, I would have LOVED to have more time off to be able to enjoy it all!!!

That day, because we had the Rebecca Minkoff show, I decided to dress up in one of her creations. I loved this dress so much as it has this long, sleek, geometric side to it mixed with a subtle, airy and elegant twist. It felt perfect to add a waist bag to structure the dress and highlight the waist to make it look more fitted, some heels to elevate the silhouette and of course some iconic golden jewels by H. Stern from our lovely friends at LoveGold.

This season, gold is my main focus. Throughout the year, we’ve developed truly precious collaboration with high jewelers and I put precautions care in the selection of the jewelry I enjoy wearing. It seems to me like it’s even more important during fashion season as it’s the perfect punctuation to any outfit, adding just that perfect touch of luxury and finesse.  With this gorgeous, golden hour backlight flare, it felt like these beautiful jewels got all the shine they needed. Hope you guys will enjoy this look!



TOP + SKIRT : Rebecca Minkoff

BAG : Hipsters for Sisters (Similar)

SHOES : Alexander Wang

GOLD RINGS + NECKLACE : H. Stern, courtesy of LoveGold 

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