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Play it up

Good morning everybody!!! I woke up 2 hours before and it was time to get ready for the Kenzo show at Paris fashion week which starts in only 30 minutes. So I am taking 5 minutes (which might take a little longer hehe) to write this article. It’s all good! Most shows start with a delay of 30 minutes, so we are very flexible. So far, it’s been going amazing, Paris being our last “sprint” of this fashion month marathon. I have to say, we are happy that it’s the last city a our body’s energy is slowly catching up on us and asking for some rest. Our minds though are all about “go go go” and honestly don’t want to stop. Oh if only I could switch off my body and not feel the sleep or the hunger, that’d be so amazing!

Yesterday we did something great. Our day started with fittings, presentations and several shootings to then end up as a little evening off, recharging our batteries around a box full of macarons from Pierre Marcolini a.k.a the best macarons of Paris for me. We seriously needed this as we’ve been running like crazy people for weeks. There’s always an event to go to, always a party, a dinner, a show. It’s nice for once to say no and take some time for yourself to be able to then enjoy things even more. Fiona and I loved having this short moment off, which actually ended up becoming also an office work evening. With all our activities, it’s also important to find time to edit and send these images!!!

We shot these images on our second day at Milan fashion week on which I decided to wear something more formal and classic to attend the Fendi show. We were filming for Grazia the whole day, a behind the scenes of our typical fashions week day and so I needed something comfortable to be able to run in. I am seriously a huge fan Joseph and their elegant sleek cuts. To add a pop of color, I added this beautiful Louis Vuitton bag as well as some Bee Goddess jewels from the Talisman Gallery, thanks to LoveGold like who introduced me to their colorful, playful pieces that I ended wearing almost on a daily basis. I love all the details of the rings and necklaces, so fine and delicate yet with so much edge and beautiful shapes. Hope you guys will enjoy!





BLAZER : Minusey

SHOES : Jimmy Choo

TROUSERS : Joseph 

JEWELRY : Bee Goddess at Talisman Gallery, courtesy of LoveGold 

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