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And we’re back with some more fun from Milan! I know that we’re in te middle of Paris fashion week coverage but I had to squeeze in this post as I was so excited about the way these images turned out. Total nude colored outfits have always been among my favorite ones. Only an all white look can top that off! As I am writing this, it’s 1.30 in Paris and tomorrow is the last day of our whole, entire fashion month… It’s a dramatic situation, and I cannot believe that we’re almost through it. I simply cannot. Fashion week, takes over a month to organize and a then a month to actually live through. Tomorrow, after the Hermès show, we’ll finally be able to breath out and let the pressure go. I. Am. So. Excited!!!

This season has been an absolutely crazy ride, with a few bumps of course but mainly incredible surprises, huge accomplishments and so many emotions. We’re so happy and proud of everything that’s been done and achieved and are already setting our goals for next season. On the 5th of October we’ll be already taking off to Los Angeles as we’ll be establishing our second base there. Our new home is getting real! There’s no time to rest, we have so many exciting things to work on! This fashion month and all of it’s challenges gave us so much strength and energy to keep moving on and keep fighting for our dreams. I feel like now, we are ready for it all more than ever. Just bring it on baby!

One of the hardest thing during this journey was to be able to stay connected with friends and family. We’ve travelled so much in these last 30 days, and with our crazy schedule, it was simply insane to be able to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone. I honestly feel almost as if I’ve been living in a bubble lately and thank god I always had my technology with me to be able to feel somehow in touch with everybody, although so far away from each other. As you may understand, my phone is like the extension of myself. It’s not only the only object that allows me to talk and feel somehow close to my beloved ones, it’s also my main working tool. Without it, it’s almost as if I feel completely lost, thus the importance and care I put into picking the right product.

I’ve been very curious, for a very long time actually, to try a new phone, and especially one with a better camera quality than the one I am currently using. So I was thrilled when Samsung reached out to us as I’ve heard so many good things about their phones from my closet friends, I was very keen to try one of their new products out. Not to mention that I got completely seduced by it’s concept which is all about fashion and a fast yet stylish lifestyle. The Alpha, is the ideal phone for the one who’s constantly on the go but looking forward to a gadget that still looks beautiful. It’s a lifestyle object in the first place, aligning aesthetic and utility together. I had the pleasure to try it for a couple of days during Milan fashion week, and really enjoyed the quality of the screen, how quick and efficient all the tools were as well as of course the quality of the camera. It felt to me, almost as if I had a mini laptop to carry around. Perfect working tool while running from one show to another. Seems like the next big thing is here! Told ya it would be something special ;)



TOP : American Apparel 

SKIRT : Mango 

SHOES : Alexander Wang

BAG : Tod’s

RING : Elizabeth & James

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