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Cartier wintertale


Love… Isn’t it what we live for? Isn’t it the strongest, most powerful emotion in this world? Isn’t it the very trigger of our lives and the unique thing that outlives everything and that one could never buy with all the money in this world? One of my favorite quotes has always been “The Greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return” that I heard for the first time in the movie Moulin Rouge and marked it forever in my notebook…

You never know where life will take you. The pace of today’s society is so quick, so unstable, yet the love we have and share with our families and friends is what tops everything. It keeps us grounded. It’s like a rock : no matter what happens on our path, the love that we are being given is the most precious thing we have on this earth. But it is not only about receiving external love, it’s also love we give to ourselves. It’s about accepting ourselves, respecting our dreams, listening to our heart, following our instincts without any regret in order to live a life that’s worth every second.

My vision of love is based on what my parents taught me : it is something you give without waiting anything in return. I am lucky to say that I grew up surrounded by so much love from my mother, my father and grandmothers… Knowing that they care about me, and that they would always take me in no matter where I go is probably the reason why I took so many risks and became so ambitious, The values they taught me is what keeps me going and what makes sense in my life. What they gave, will always and forever remain in my heart. Their love, and the one I give to them, is stronger than anything I will ever own and I am so thankful to have such a beautiful family to live for and to honor. In the hardest, most humble moments of our lives, having each other was what helped us get through everything.

The love I share with my friends, is just as deep and fusional. They give me so much strength, so much courage to fight for my dreams and believe in myself. When I met James, I knew that we were hopping on a ride for life. Our personalities just clicked right away and I have never met someone that understood me so well. Our minds were working together on perfect synchronization and to this day, I know that the connection I have with him is one of the most beautiful things that happened to me… And I know, no matter what, it will last forever. And even though our romantic relationship ended last October, the love we have for one another has grown even bigger : as friends, as business partners and as founders of this incredible adventure we are on.

The love I share with you guys, even though is virtual, is probably one of my biggest accomplishments I have. To be totally honest, it really doesn’t feel virtual to me. It’s beyond real. In my heart, I know you all. I know your dreams, your fears, your ambitions… I know that you know me as well, and knowing that you care enough to give me some of your precious time is one of the craziest things ever. How can I be grateful enough? I can only hope to give you as much love I can in return, to grab your hand and take you on this ship to inspire you, to give you drive and ambition so that you have the strength to believe in yourself and acknowledge your passions. When in doubt, I think of all of you… You give me more hope, motivation and passion that you can imagine. Without you, I would never be here. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for that.

Before the snow falls on our rooftops, turning the cities white, let’s all take a moment to celebrate love. I have the absolute honor to open a new chapter in our collaboration with Cartier and to share with you this second part of our Winter tale campaign. I chose to create a story around the bracelet Love because for me, love is a universal language and the most beautiful thing, us humans can express. With winter holidays so close, it’s a time that we take to be with our beloved ones, to step back, slow down and breath. Feel thankful for everything we accomplished this year. I feel so blessed to wear this bracelet on my wrist. It reminds me of one thing : through thunder and storm, love remains. Always.

So spread the love. 

We have a magical third part of this Cartier project waiting for you guys… as soon as snow hits the roofs!

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