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Gucci guilty

Here it is! I’ve been teasing you for a bit on Instagram regarding that secret filming session we had a couple of days ago at the Four Seasons hotel in Geneva with Messieurs. It was all part of a bigger plan : we were shooting a new video project with no one else than Gucci Beauty.  As you guys might know, we have a long lasting and such beautiful relationship with them. Their team has been part of the evolution of Kayture for years now and it’s so exciting to be able to take this adventure further and get even more immersed into their world.

We were initially supposed to film in New York, but because of short timing Geneva ended up being the perfect fit because of it’s sophisticated, luxurious ambiance. With the gorgeous atmosphere of this peaceful, luxurious suite where we shot and the help of the incredibly talented team of Messieurs, this ended up being a wonderful session and I am definitely willing to work on more video content. It allows me to express myself so much more spontaneously and directly to you!

I am happy with the result and I hope this shows you guys another side of me : one that actually moves and talks! And I loved speaking about the Gucci Guilty fragrance as it’s something else you might not know about me : since I haven’t really met all of you guys, well you don’t really know what my favorite scents are like and what I wear on a daily basis. A woman’s perfume is such an important final touch to her outfit. It creates her whole presence, her aura and is the ideal ponctuation to her look : it’s that extra glimpse of magic, it tells a story without you even being obligated to speak, it’s what makes you unforgettable.

My favorite perfumes have always had sweet, woody notes. I like when a perfume is sensual, warm and makes me feel adventurous and fearless. I have to say that this is the exact world and dimension of Gucci Guilty and that’s exactly why I was so excited to take part in this project and share it with you. I’ve been wearing the fragrance for a while now and it’s been so nice to think about all the reasons why I love it so much… And also since it’s holidays season, it’s also good to think about a gift for your guy friends. Well, we go it covered for you : a perfume is always a good idea!

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