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After more than 24 hours of travelling, a missed flight, more than 6 hours of wait, we finally made our way to what feels like our new home away from home in sunny Los Angeles. It was worth the panic. And it feels so incredibly good you guys… So good. As soon as I sat my foot at the airport, a huge smile appeared on my face : it’s definitely my happy place. I can’t help it, I’m like a little kid back at it’s favorite candy store. The sun is shining bright all day, I’m back at the recording studio and well, I can’t believe that I’ve been wearing crop tops and skirts this whole day. It’s absolutely crazy to even think that it’s winter right now. I feel like I am completely cheating on the swiss weather!

Here’s a little reminder of reality : bode freezing wind and wearing the biggest coat possible to deal with it. Luckily I got this huge white fluffy one from Gérard Darel, and it literally saved my life on our little Parisian trip a couple of days ago. To be totally honest with you guys, we spend quiet a lot of time in the States this year but being back in Europe for a while was so fulfilling : it felt so good to wander around through these beautiful streets, get inspired, do some exciting meetings and well enjoy days with friends and family whom we haven’t seen for a while.

Our stay in Paris was an absolute blast. We enjoyed a couple of days at our favorite spot, the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme right in the heart of the city, got some Christmas presents for the family and of course did our last reunions before the end of the year. Although everybody was getting into deep holiday mode, we still managed to get some work flow going and well, 2015, as you might have understood, is announced to be pretty exciting… That’s all I can say.

Thrilled to share with you this new look that I wore on one of those “I just wanna be comfy days” while in France. It’s all about the “barely no make-up” kind of face, messy long hair and a super, extra laid back outfit with these sick star print jeans from Stella McCartney. I have to say, I am quiet obsessed with them. Aren’t they the best? Lately, I don’t know yet if it’s because I got more lazy or busy, but I wanted to wear less make-up and underdress quiet a bit. Like they say, less is more, right?

P.S Guys do you remember the beautiful, timeless, black Hugo Boss suit we shot in Los Angeles? Well don’t miss my feature in their eMAG which is out now, click here to see! It’s live!!!


JEANS : Stella McCartney

COAT : Gérard Darel (Similar Here)

SNEAKERS : Isabel Marant

RING : Louis Vuitton 

BAG : Valentino

SWEATER : Sandro (Similar Here)

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