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Keeping it warm in paris

Spending a couple of days in Paris for Haute Couture fashion week is a real treat. Since we were most of the time in Los Angeles, it feels nice to be in Europe, see our friends, hang out at some of our favorite restaurants, coffee places and of course, admire all the incredible new collections in the middle of all this. It is my first time doing the couture shows and honestly, I have no idea why I haven’t decided to do it before : it is pure magic.

If ready to wear is already quite an experience, couture is a celebration of craftsmanship with hand made gowns, embroideries, sequins, lace and out of this world shapes. It is a true work of art pushing the limits of fashion and surprising the whole crowd. To get ready to attend the shows, I team up with a a few brands who give me the opportunity to wear some of their exquisite creations and I can tell you, it really does feel like princess moments.

The whole KayTeam is staying at the beautiful Park Hyatt hotel in Paris on place Vendôme. We have the most gorgeous suite ever! Fiona and I do after-fashion-show slumber parties with wine, cheese, snuggled in our bathrobes in front of the the fireplace (yes there is a fireplace) while listening to  rap music (I know, interesting contrast). Days are good. Travelling with my best friend is the best thing ever. We have so many moments of pure delirious craziness and honestly it makes my whole day.

Fashion weeks can get quite serious sometime, everyone is busy, concentrated, running everywhere, it’s so nice to have our little moments of breakdown from this all and laugh about anything and everything : we’re only 21! Gotta roll with the flow. I am happy to share with you all this super cozy Parisian look, just an idea of how I try to stay warm this winter : all wrapped up in my Isabel Marrant boyfriend coat. Wanted to add a pop of orange with this gorgeous Stella McCartney sweater too! What do you guys think? Sending you tons of love.




COAT : Isabel Marrant

SHOES : Hugo Boss

BAG : Chanel

SWEATER : Stella McCartney

BEANIE : Alternative  


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