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Hi sugar pies! I Miss you. I miss you terribly. I miss writing and talking with you everyday, I miss sitting for hours in front of my little computer just throwing all my thoughts and emotions out there for the world to see. Lately has been so busy. We’ve been travelling so much and living so many incredible experiences from a jam packed New York fashion week adventure, to flying back to L.A for the Oscars season. Each day is filled with new challenges, new priorities and a whirl of exciting new experiences that we just want to fully enjoy and take in.

I have to admit, because of the constant travelling, my body was feeling quiet tired lately and so while adjusting each time to a new zone, I ended up falling asleep in front of my computer while writing a new article… The next day, it’s a 6am call time as our schedule kicks off with meetings, fittings, shows and so on. But it’s been so good. If you follow me on all my social media, and especially Snapchat where Fiona and I share so many super intimate (and completely insane!!!) moments, then I hope you guys can see how extremely happy I’ve been feeling lately. And I hope to keep spreading this positive energy with you all as we keep going.

But honestly, ever since I decided to pursue one of my biggest lifetime dreams, which is music, a smile appears on my face 24/7, 24h. It definitely takes away a lot of my focus and attention but isn’t it worth it? Life is so short, my only hope is to do, and keep doing something that makes me happy beyond words while spreading only good and inspire even better. So now that I am back in L.A, I am kicking off studio sessions, working with some new producers, still keeping training everyday with a vocal coach and writing songs non stop. Today, as we were having lunch with Fiona, one of the topics we were talking about just instantly made me think of a song. It just popped in my head. I grabbed my iphone right away and recorded the melody I could hear. And this tends to happen all the time.

But talking about New York, we had such an incredible season with so many amazing shows. My highlight was definitely attending the Hugo Boss show which is one of the most highly awaited moments of NYFW. Jason Wu, the artistic director of the brand, just keeps doing better and better each time with such gorgeous sleek, modern, extra sophisticated silhouettes and a twist of edge. For the occasion I wore a Hugo Boss runway look from the collection we saw in September, all about this adorable white skirt and extra sleek, sporty, top. And can we just talk about that bag? I am seriously obsessed with it. Not only the color is so gorgeous but how amazing is this shape? Hope you guys had the opportunity to check the live stream to witness the show, in case you missed it don’t forget to click here for all the updates!

Total look by Hugo Boss

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