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L.a getaway

The last couple of days have been very rich in emotions. That’s the least to say! Ever since we left to New York fashion week this February, we haven’t been able to really settle down properly anywhere. I am used to come back in Switzerland in between every trip, to unpack, refresh, do some laundry, catch up with my family… But since my new home is Los Angeles now, things have been a bit different. Moving is a big deal. Especially when it’s so far away. For months, we’ve been doing back and forth trips to L.A, getting to know the city better, the people, the environment and slowly, I started feeling like I belonged there. It began feeling like a home. Except that we were living between Air Bnb’s and hotel rooms.

Imagine yourself : 10 suitcases packed with stuff that got Fiona and I through February until now, mid April. All of this wrapped up with the idea of moving constantly from one place to another. Life has basically been packing, un packing, checking in, checking out, leaving our luggages in deposit and loosing all attachment to leave somewhere new again. Whether it’s China one day, or Paris the other one. So I won’t hide, it’s been kind of a whirl of emotions, the impression of feeling almost a bit lost sometimes because of all this instability. All we wanted was to find a little cozy next in L.A where we can finally settle down. The problem is, when you look for your first apartment, well you’re aiming for that dream place that you’ve been imagining in your wildest dreams ever since you’re a kid. So we kept visiting and visiting new places without ever having a crush… Until yesterday when we finally found it!!!

There it was, luminous, fresh and ready for us to start out new life in! I was dying of excitement when I saw it. It feels like such a big deal to have a new address and think that I don’t live with my parents anymore. Also feels really cool to know that my first place is in L.A!! I mean, common, how seriously awesome is that!? And now, all I can think about is how will I decorate it!?

On the other hand, my brain has been so focused on music lately. I know that I don’t give you guys a lot of insights about what’s going on, even though I do reveal a few little things on my snapchat sometimes hehe, but I can tell you : it’s been working real hard lately. Real HARD! Haha. No matter what happens in my life, I turn it into a song. Good or bad, heartbreaking or to laugh about, any emotion I go through becomes a song. I’ve been doing studio sessions with so many incredible artists and producers, just developing my craft, training my songwriting as much as training my voice. It’s like taking care of a plant or polishing a roc, it takes time but the result is worth everything. And yesterday, I had one of the most sick experiences ever working with one of my favorite producers. If one day I knew that I’d have the opportunity to work with someone like him, I’d probably faint. But it did happen and it only proves that determination does pay off. So I’ll just keep working my ass off ;)

So for a while, we’ve been feeling like real gypsies at heart. There’s something quite amazing about it as much as it is also challenging. It does feel so nice to feel so free, to move all the time, to be in different surroundings and let it all go. We had the chance to find a little nest at the Sixty hotel in Beverly Hills for a while (you guys might have noticed my Instagrams)! Their rooftop bar was a pure dream with the view on the whole city and the craziest sunset ever… And our room became a serein temple / business space where we actively worked on all the current and upcoming projects. So grateful that their team made us feel so comfortable. And sorry again to all the neighbors for my singing from morning till evening. I hope you managed to get some rest hihi

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