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When the sun is out


Such an incredible news you guys! Today, I had in my hand the key to my very first appartement! And you don’t even realize how insane that feels. Well, at least, I don’t even realize it yet! The last couple of days have been all about appartement hunting, getting our lease, finding new places to get our furniture and getting settled in. It feels like a new life. Welcome to the adult life! No parents around to help you out, it’s just you, by yourself, in the middle of a totally unknown city, miles and miles away from your family. In this case, a full continent away. It is quite intimidating and scary at first, I have to say. But you guys know me, I always like a little challenge ;)

So before fully transitioning into our new place, we spend a few days at the Standard in Hollywood. They have such an awesome pool area and we used to finish some office work there while checking out all the cool people that hang around (I mean… sick crowd). There are so many amazing things coming up for the next couple of weeks! I think you guys will be very excited to learn about all the fun adventures that we have prepared. Many surprises and honestly, so excited to share all the content with you all. We’ll unveil everything progressively.

In the middle of all this and I think due to the amount of pressure we’ve lately been through, my body decided to play some tricks on me and so yesterday, I completely lost my voice. I sounded like a chipmunk the whole day and woke up this morning with a light cold. Which kind of sucks. My body has been a bit weak lately because of all these changes. I hope to get back into energy mode when everything is in place! But, if you guys wanna make a lot of fun of me, it’s really now the time. I posted a few videos on my Snapchat with my terrible sounding voice, and you must check it out. It’s pretty ridiculous haha!

The weather has been so amazing here in L.A! Pam trees, hot breeze and a super shiny, bright sun melting on the skin! The perfect reason to take out some fun accessories for a little ride! I just got in these gorgeous buckle Ferragamo sunnies and for somebody who doesn’t wear sunnies that often, I have to say, I was surprised to see that they totally worked and loved absolutely in-cre-di-ble. Because my eyes are blue, it was the perfect color combination. Love the delicate, royal blue embellishment and the golden buckle which adds the perfect touch of chic and sophistication. That day, we were running around setting all things in place so the look I picked to go along is all about comfort and effortless elegance. I like wider cuts and loose structures. A big white t-shirt, some boyfriends pants and a long jacket! Et voilà! Hope you guys like it.


SUNNIES : Ferragamo 

PANTS : Forever 21


JACKET : Topshop

BRACELET : Céline  

SHOES : Forever 21 

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