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I’ve been trying to find a new pace these last couple of days. It has felt almost weird to settle down and build a new life, so far away from my well known Switzerland. My mom and I have been texting each other everyday, just to say hi, or how’s everything. It feels so surreal to explain to her how I have most of my furniture in already… feeling like such a grown up! Yesterday I went out, and gosh… came back way later than I should have. And guess what, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone (other than myself haha). Result is, I fell asleep on my couch wearing my party dress… and heels! Again, best feeling ever.

I’ve been getting used to this amazing life here in Los Angeles. It is definitely a heaven for creatives. There’s so much to do, so much to see, so many people to meet! Even though I am so used to travelling, it feels so incredibly good to be here for a while. A lot of people have been asking me if I’m going to take some summer holidays and drift away somewhere by the beach. Well I think L.A is kind of THE best place to be during summer. The weather is so perfect, we’ve got Venice Beach a few minutes away, the nicest food stops, and the city is buzzing with the coolest parties all week long.

The other day as Cibelle and I were walking around Larchmont Blvd. we spotted this absolutely incredible light on the corner of one of these cute little streets. That day, my outfit was super graphic and worked out perfectly with this sun kissed backdrop. I’ve been really into total black looks lately for some reason, maybe I’ve been reading too much poetry or listening to way too much dark music, but it was a very special day for me as I was wearing some blue! I’ve received via mail these crazy Teva platforms and ever since I saw them I wanted to find the coolest way to style them. A minimalistic culotte and blue crop top (as a color reminder) were my picks of the day.

By the way guys, I am excited to share with you Teva’s Original Summer contest, which basically consists of sharing your ultimate summer moment on Instagram with the hashtag #OriginalSummer. The best shot of the week wins a pair of Teva Originals! A professional jury will then select the ultimate #OriginalSummer photo from all weekly winners and this winner will get the most stunning road trip in the U.S to where Teva started their line 30 years ago. How exciting is this? So guys, head to Instagram and get your creative heads buzzing. We want some amazing content and I hope to see you out here in the States soon for this crazy road trip. ;)


TOP : Three Floor

CULOTTE : Topshop

BAG : Louis Vuitton 

SHOES : Teva

Photography by Cibelle Levi

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