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Bonjour from Paris! As you can tell from my social media, we are back in town and full on into the last week of the fashion month. Needless to say it’s been an extremely intensive ride with this season not a single day break in between New York, London and Milan for us all. Oh, and in the middle of all that we also had a pit stop in Italy for a Gala event. Yup, we are basically surviving on coffee and advil (not kidding, but kids don’t try this at home kay?). On another hand, as you might have heard, we are searching for an appartement in Paris as we are currently planning to move in and make it our secondary permanent base. It felt like the right decision as we are Europeans by heart and as much as being based mainly in L.A is a true dream come true, Paris is still one of the most inspiring and beautiful cities in the world, so many of our friends live here, it feels so good to speak french, to be closer to our families and is so convenient for work purposes as we collaborate with many french fashion houses.

As always, Paris takes my breath away. I know that a piece of my heart always stays in this cities as I leave and coming back always fills me up with an intensive feeling of joy. Unfortunately, so far, I didn’t have much time to wander around and enjoy the sun, if only on my way to the shows. It’s been so far an extremely packed season, like never before I’d even say. We are working on many projects and the shows this year are beyond amazing. However, it just takes a look, a glimpse to sense the magic of the city as each corner of the street is more beautiful than the other.

This time, we are travelling all together with Cibelle, Fiona and I as James decided to stay in Los Angeles to keep working on the management side of Kayture. And so it feels like a girls party every single day! We have our epic work station at our hotel, the Park Hyatt near Place Vendôme, from which we always stay extremely productive… Which also mean we have crazy dance off moments when we plug our music super loudly in the whole room and dance like rotten ducks. It’s also so nice to be able to shoot every single day with my talented Cibelle, it’s so exciting to see her experience the fashion month with us : so many new emotions, accomplishments, memories… We all learn from each other and support one another. I think that this is the aspect for which we are the most grateful for, is to be able to live all of this together and share these amazing stories. Also, what an amazing thrill to be able to show you guys everything that’s happening via Snapchat!? It feels like a live tv show sometimes honestly, I excuse myself in advance for all the stupid things I might have said so far or will eventually end up saying…!

If you guys see all my crazy outfits on social media almost instantly, I wanted to share with you my arriving in Paris look which I sported for some day meetings. I’ve lately been obsessed with suiting, meaning playing with the suit concept : pairing a perfectly tailored pant with a wide shoulder boyfriend blazer, that’s all I am about. And guys, trust me a good flare, high wasted black pant is the best thing you could ever invest it. It elongates the silhouette and adds this super cool 70ies vibe. In this situation I wore pants and top both from Express and paired them with minimalistic details to keep the whole look very chic and sophisticated. For some reason, wearing that kind of outfits just makes me feel instantly so confident, a girl in a suit is always sexy. Let that shoulder pad werk it’s magic.


BLAZER : Express

PANTS : Express

TOP : Kenzo 

SHOES : Nicholas Kirkwood

Shot by Cibelle Levi 

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