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Hat lady is back! And stronger than ever. I almost forgot how much I absolutely love wearing hats… It’s always my solution for bad hair days or like in this case, colder, windy L.A days. Ever since we got back in California after spending a few days in NY, the weather got so chilly and it was the occasion to get the knee high boots out and think about layering. Cold still takes a whole other meaning in L.A compared to the rest of the world. A warm jacket over the shoulders during the day usually does the work… and it’s already mid November! Which in Switzerland usually means big winter jacket and faux fur scarves. Come and visit California guys, get some of that Vitamin D in your bodies!

I will admit it, there’s nothing I craved more than spending a few days home, re-organizing my appartement which progressively becomes sort of an artistic mess with half packed, half unpacked suitcases all over the floor of the living room, shoes in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even… in the bathroom. Of course, it is also half unfurnished. I tried getting more and more pieces in, but each time I’m off again and it was a challenge to get it all together. But it does start looking like something. It really does! It’s a little chaos… But it’s my sweet little chaos. So needless to say, that it was hard to leave again. But Europe was waiting! I am now writing this article from my hotel room in Rome. I just landed in town for a project and can’t wait spend a few days here! It’s going to be gelato galore. Rome is truly one of the most magical places in the whole entire world. Make sure to follow my snapchat for live updates guys.

Before talking about Rome, I am sharing with you today this new look perfect for warmer winter days or… colder L.A occasions! As soon as I am back in California, I hope to finally be able to spend some quality time without travelling as much. Just settle down a bit, cook some home food, see my friends, do music and c-h-i-l-l. Ah! Heaven! So about the look now : a combo of a white jacket and skirt paired with a pearl embellished blouse and, you got it, a hat to top it all off. And the reason why this post is called “Z” is because for some reason, I feel like I actually a bit like Zorro. Dont’ you guys think? Anyway, I’ll let you guys discover this series of pictures shot by Cibelle while I get ready to get some of that Italian pasta and cheese in my belly. I mean, it’s winter time so, it’s not an option. Layers can hide extra carbs. Right?


SKIRT : Storets

JACKET : Storets

BOOTS : Stuart Weitzman 

BLOUSE : Storets

HAT :  Rag & Bone

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