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Roman holidays


Rome… Oh Rome. Just thinking about this city makes me want to lay back and sip on some red wine. Wait, actually, a lot of things make me want to do that. Wine is good for any occasion. There’s something about Rome though that’s especially unique, and this comes from a crazy gypsy that spends her time in airplanes. From all the cities I’ve travelled to, Rome almost feels like time travelling of some sorts. I don’t know if it’s about the air, the people, or the architecture, but something about it makes me drown back in the the 60ies, the old movies, the dolce vita, the big hair and the scent of musk in the air. Not that I really know what it was like to live in the 60ies but for some reason I always love trying to imagine it…

I’ve always had a big obsession with old cinema icons, such as Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. How crazy is it to think that the aesthetic they created still keeps influencing fashion and art today? I find it fascinating. Each one of them had something very iconic and unique. Either it was their hair, waist line or lips, they each represent a symbol of elegance and beauty. And there’s no doubt why all of them were in love with Rome and spend so much time travelling to Italy. For  centuries and still now, Rome has been a major influence in art, cinema, fashion and the list goes on. The Dolce Vita is indeed contagious!

So of course when Bulgari reach out to me to travel to Rome, live a real Roman holiday experience and play Brigitte Bardot on set of a new shoot evolving around their gorgeous Diva High Jewelry collection, I immediately said YES. On the program? A tour of Rome on vespas with some adorable Italian guides (yes I did feel like Lizzie in Lizzie McGuire the movie for a second, you’ll excuse my cliché reference… sorry not so sorry), wine tasting, pasta eating, spa treatment at the emblematic hotel de Russie located in the heart of Rome. I mean, I was seriously pinching myself.

The shoot itself was so much fun. Brigitte Bardot has always been one of my biggest fashion inspirations and even thought I recently became a brunette, it was still so much fun getting to play her and channel her sexy looks. Of course, it was tricky to get the same hair volume as her (I won’t even tell you how much hairspray we put in it) but I think we did a pretty good job incorporating some of her symbolic references. Dressed in Fendi and covered in stunning Bulgari jewels, the name of this shoot makes total sense : it was indeed a Diva’s Dream. And after the shoot, back into sneakers and jeans, it’s good to keep such experiences as little fairytales, little dreams that pop into our reality like that from time to time. Thinking back about it, it takes like a sweet, delicious, fantasy.


Shot by Cibelle Levi

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