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Bonsoir! Or should I say good evening everyone. Felt like giving you all a bit of news as I’ve been mingling all over the place lately. Life has been good, as always taking me on some endless wicked rides that I enjoy so much. It’s hard to stop when you start, trust me. Although I just came back from some intense trips, and more precisely and absolutely magical experience in Paris with Victoria’s Secret that you’ve heard all about on my social media, before hand I took some time off in Los Angeles to gather my thoughts together and plan the next goals, trips and to get a clear mind, ready to welcome new ideas in. It’s so important to put ourselves in the right situations where our mind is receptive to new ideas. Our mind is like an ocean, and ideas are like fish. If we don’t actually put ourselves in the proper situation to catch them, we won’t even notice them swimming around. I am talking about the constant noise of the world. I am sure you all have experienced it. Being constantly surrounded by people at home, at work, at school, at the train station. It’s at times hard to focuses and nurture organic, fresh, thoughts. It almost sounds like I’m talking about growing tomatoes haha! But trust me, your mind is like a garden that needs constant care and attention to have it’s most beautiful flowers flourish.

I am lucky enough to have always appreciated solitude and have expressed myself about it many times. Although many people attach to it a certain negative connotation, I think having the ability to appreciate solitude, especially for someone creative, is terribly nurturing. And the reason is that once you are confronted with your only self, your truest self, uninfluenced by the noise of the world, that is when the most brilliant and precious ideas immerge. It’s by taking time to experience these moment that is important too in order to be then inspired by the world with a fresher outlook on things. Because if we never clean up our heads from all of it’s accumulated mess, we might not be sensitive enough to capture the essence of an idea when we’re watching a movie with friends, or having a great conversation. This is why in between two big trips, or after intense periods such as fashion weeks, I like to isolate myself in a little bubble and take the time to write, read, day dream. I let my mind loose, I let it run free. It’s like opening a window after a long day and letting a soft breeze in. There’s no better feeling.

At first, being so comforted to our selves might appear frightening as these are the moments where we truly see through our souls. We’re able to travel through our minds into the darkest places of our consciousness. But as we all know, there is no light without dark ness and even in the deepest oceans, one can find the most beautiful hidden treasures. One should never be scared of diving deep within. It is only when you make peace with all your layers that you’ll be able to explore your mind, like an ocean, in it’s entity. And that’s when you’ll be able to explore and play not only with your light, but also use your pains, your doubts or fears and turn then into their own, special flowers. Many people have been coming to me, people I know from the fashion industry, distanced friends, to tell me how surprised and intrigued they are by my shift in imagery on social media. I guess most people check my Instagram mainly. Kayture has become more like my diary where I share a bit of myself with you all when I feel like it and where I hope to post beautiful inspiring pictures. It is funny how the way we portray ourselves on social media does say something about ourselves. It’s like fashion, it’s all a matter of choices, of ideas, of colors. It’s a way of visually saying something, exteriorizing a part of us we want the world to see in order to become the very manifestation of this idea. I guess from the moment my hair went dark, a lot of people that used to have a certain idea of me got all of a sudden shaken up. As if the person they knew so well was gone all of a sudden.

I do love the idea of transformation, of a metamorphosis. To me, it’s the natural path of evolution. We all change, the person we were an hour ago doesn’t exit anymore. We are in a constant state of development which to me is the most beautiful, exciting and fascinating part of life. In only speaks about how limitless we are, especially from within. How far we can go with our minds, how much we can do, so much we can be. I’ve been trying to dive each day into myself deeper and deeper and once you come to an understand of yourself, you truly feel like you can be anything. Like nothing is impossible. Because your core self, your awareness of who you are is so strong. It let’s you explore the world, and swim within your own mind with so much freedom and such little fear. I’ve been approaching everything with a different perspective because that’s also another thing you realize. Everything is a matter of perspective. How you see the world, what you think of your friend, how a certain color speaks to you, will be different as the hours of life move on. Because each experience, conversation, or even thought can alter your initial opinion about something. And thus, we should never take anything for granted, or put anything, or anyone in a box. It would be so diminishing. Instead, we should expand our minds and think beyond. What excites me most about this, is that it is an endless quest and each period of our lives will teach us something, so there’s always something to look forward to. Any experience will tell a story. It is your ability to have enough clarity to seek it’s potential that’ll be important to carry you through the waves, even the biggest, most challenging ones.

I obviously have been working on music non stop. My dream of it becoming a priority in my life has become progressively a reality as I notice that my time spent, whether it in real life or simply on my mind, is directed towards music. I go to the studio, I write 24/7, I think about it all the time. It’s bringing so much joy and passion into my life that I have days where I feel like I don’t want to share it. I don’t want to show it to the world because yes, I am afraid of sharing something so special and important to me. But that is why I want to take the time to make it as strong and indestructible as possible. So that once it’s out there, nothing can destroy it and it’ll live on it’s own. I’ve always promised you guys to stay true to myself and i believe that it is exactly what I am doing. I honestly couldn’t live anyway else. So I dive into work, I dive into myself, I dive into so many different places and try to grow beautiful flowers in the form of songs that I hope 2017 will fully allow me to share with you. But patience. For now.

To end this article on a lighter note, I’d like to share with you some pictures Cibelle and I shot during our stay in Paris a little earlier this year. It was the day right after my 23rd birthday and I had so much happiness filling my heart. Not only was I in my favorite city in the whole world, but I was surrounded by my closest friends who showed me so much pure love. It was a very special trip that humbled me beyond words. The next day, we were just hanging out in the city, getting lost in the little Parisian streets, wandering around looking for the best spot to have an allongé and people watch so we decided to pause for a second and shoot these images. The outfit is quite incredibly simple, in fact I even stole this bomber from my one of my best friends (merci mon Jerem, je te rend ta veste asap) but I am sure he wouldn’t have minded but the whole accent is on the boots. I’ve been sporting these babies for a while now and they are so incredibly comfy and I think look great with so many different outfits. They are from this awesome brand Clarks that I’ve been working with for a while and I had the pleasure of getting these from them.They’re perfect for a day out and about in a big city like Paris where comfort and an effortless mood are such sweet feelings. I hope you guys will enjoy this series of images, it was so good getting to write to you all a bit. I will speak to you very soon. Until then, I’ll see you on social media xx

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