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Wild charms

I received a few days ago the american apparel body which I cherished for many months now. I do admit it is very sexy let’s say, and I am someone who enjoys wearing elegant and chic looks and nether think a second about doing something sexy, but instead something fashionable and beautiful. But this garment looks incredibly interesting to me. The cut is still delicate but at the same time well structured and still has this bit of chocking that gives a true impact. On the american apparel web site you can see the girl wearing only the body posing with in a weird gesture, which made me laugh so bad.
I tried my best to make this outfit look rock and chic without beeing to trashy or tacky-sexy. Pairing it with mid-waist shorts and an elegant chanel clutch adds the touch of elegance this body needs not too look over the top.

BODY : american apparel / BAG : Chanel ( vintage) / SHORTS : zara / Jewerly : Claire’s / Shoes : Bally

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