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SUMMER CLEAN UP I think I have problem. Yesterday was my first day of holidays and guess what I did? I started to clean my room like a crazy person. I dropped all my old stuff and organized more my drawers and closet. I actually found so many old stuffs I have totally forgot about, some really cute american apparel nail polishes I have baught a few months ago that I am definetly going to use. They are both very light and pastel, and will look great with summer garments. It feels actually so good to clean up, it’s like making space for new things, and it looks like a new neat beginning. So guys : clean you room!

The dress you see in the first picture is a new purchase from H&M,  I completly fell in love with it because of it’s colour : peach. It’s very feminin and I really like it’s cut and shape. Also the polishes from amercican apparel are : Butter ( light cream colour), and Coney Island ( light pink). They are both very opaque and you just need one coating to get a perfect shade. Also check out this article in the ”20 Minuten” fro the miss suisse contest.

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