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Preparing my suitcase(s)

LAGUAGESIt is now time for trips and fun, my first holiday trip is to zermatt to shoot some video and pictures for ”miss suisse” contest, so here we go. So many stuffs to pack, I have just received some Remington and Nivea products that I simply can’t wait to try. Also we got a lot of beautiful clothing from H&M and some gorgeous shoes. And yep, I have to take all those cool goodies with me. So, it’s time to take out the bug suit cases.

Unfortunatly I won’t be able to take my canon camera with me on the trip, but I will make some pictures with my little fuji camera and show them to you guys as soon as I am back. In the mean time, I will of course post some outfits I wore this week, hehe I haven’t showed you all yet. I had a lot of free time and the weather was great this week, so I have tons of beautiful outfits to show you.
Have a great week-end folks!

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