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Chain and green skirt

GREEN SKIRT Last week, while I was going through my room cleaning : I found these gorgeous tights I have actually never put on. I love the dark strike on the back, they are perfect for the windy breezy summer days. You know how often I speak to you about weather swings here in Swiss, well it is actually very pleasant sometimes, especially when you want to wear your new pair of tights.

I have several outfits with this skirt, but I don’t mind wearing it as often as I want to. It’s color is really original, it’s a dark minty clover green, and each time I pair it with different shirts and accessories : the outfit looks so different and the skirt fits so well neutral, black and white tones. I’ve also decided to find more interesting jewerly pieces, as I ‘ve already told you : I am not a huge jewerly fan, but for this summer I really want to find some chains and bracelets.

SKIRT : Zara / TOP : Zara / SHOES : Morgan / NECKLACE : Claire’s

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