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Town walk, long talk

ICED COFFEE I have never quiet liked coffee, it has always reminded me of those long nights of study where you want to sleep so bad, but simpy can’t because of all the work you have to do : drinking caffeine is the only right solution I found to keep me from falling asleep while studing logarithms and german courses. But since a couple of weeks, I discovered a new passion for this beverage, especially with one spoon of sugar and loads of milk.

So James and I got our iced coffee at starbucks and we decided to take a nice walk in Geneva, the weather was cool so I had to wear a jacket and some new studded jeans that Macha offered me so gently, I love them so much. Afterwards we went to the cinema : “Water for Elephants” is a really good movie with Robert Pattionsson and Reese Witherspoon, we both enjoyed it and finished then our day perfectly with some sushis and miso soup.

Also congradulation to the ASOS VOUCHER WINNER :
[email protected]

JACKET : Zara / SHIRT : E-vil  / SHOES : Morgan  / JEANS : Omnitrade / CLUTCH : B-low the Belt


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