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BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK Well this week has been for sure full of new informations and… books. However I am happy about the fact that I managed to find some time for little pleasures and of course to make some goodies pictures. It might not be interesting for you to see my new Math book, so I won’t bother you with that, therefore I prefere to show you some new things I got this week that have nothing to do with school, now that it’s the week-end, or at least what is left of it, let’s not think about work.

The miss suisse contest is in a week, and I have received many gifts and letters that wished me good luck. It gives me so much motivation, and I feel happy and excited to live that new experience. I can’t believe it is in less than a month, time runs so fast. I let you have a look at this week’s pictures! Enjoy your sunday night!

Pistache and Raspberry Movenpick ice creams, James and I’s favourite ice cream flavours for summer.

The amazing view from the port of Montreux : breathtaking.

I just received this beldona ”good luck for miss swiss” package, how sweet : this is so lovely.

I love those cantuccini biscuits, they are salty and sweet at the same time and perfect with coffee and tea.

A new discovery : this strawberry jelly is perfect with toasts and whole grain bread : the best find to start the day in a good mood.

My three O.P.I fall colours choice : ”Don’t mess with O.P.I”, ”San Tan-tonio” and ”All a-bordeaux the sled!”

A new light blue clutch I got from

Some new jewerly storaging, I think that these little glass cups are perfect for rings.

My new obcession : tea. It is like that each year actually, when fall is approaching tea is the perfect remedy for weather changes.

Have you ever tried Dr. Feelgood from benefit? It makes your skin so smooth and flawless, one of the best skin care product I have tried out recently.

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