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White ruffle


RELAXING AFTERNOONIt is hard to get back to the school rythm. Early mornings, coffee based drinks all day long to keep it up and sometimes true brain meltdown when the day was too long and full of new informations. However, everybody goes through this and I guess it is better to deal with it. A great idea to keep the good mood is to spend quality time with family and friends after the work, throwing on some high heels and a nice outfit just to get a bit more confidence and going for dinner in a nice place.

That is what I did a few days ago with my mother, I needed some fresh air and a good summer salade. Usually, I associate ruffles to old granny’s wardrobe pieces, however when I saw this ruffled sleeve Isabel Lu blouse, I thought it looked pretty good for an afternoon in town. Paired to this, I have chosen one personal designed necklace made of golden metal geometrical pieces with a black silk rubon. The necklace matches quiet good my vintage old clutch.

SHIRT : Isabel Lu
CLUTCH : Vintage
NECKLACE : Personal Design

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