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YUMMYThis week has been full lovely delights. As I am trying to enjoy each second of my final weeks of holidays, I fugured out that it is now time for true life pleasures. My mother and I have spent a lot of time together this week. We both are true gourmandes, so sometimes during our promenades we took time to see some local tea-shop and little markets to buy traditional cookies and candies.

This week-end James and I are leaving on a little trip where we are going to take some time for ourselves, just rest, relax, food and fresh air. We will have loads of time to make some cool pictures that I am looking forward to show you as soon as I am back on monday. The trip destination is the best part, you might have already heard about this place on my blog a few weeks ago, any guess?

 – Those heart shaped butter cookies are to die for, crispy with strawberry cream inside. It’s pretty hard to say stop once you take one.

I have always wanted to try out the Famous ”Creme de Corps” from Kiehl’s, took some free samples to try it’s miracles.

Cherry flavoured jelly candy with sugar powder in a nice cristal glass to welcome friends in my room.

New income bag from with my beloved blue Bally heels. Future outfit match?


I have always thought that I do not wear enough earrings but have so many gorgeous pieces. I should for sure wear those old vintage chanel more often.

Just bought this ”Crème de Rose” Dior lipbalm, worth trying. It gives an amazing plump to the lips and smooths amazingly.

I have tried out a new delicious Tofu receipe. Grilled tofu with honey and paprika, add to it some vegies and whole bread for an healthy and good tasting meal.

New Zara Taylor Chain Pendant, a miniature vintage inspired hourglass.

I have always been a fan of smoothies and all kinds of fruit juices, this one is a great combo : orange kiwi and bananas. Gives a great energy boost.
Season six of ”Sex and the city” is the best remedy to bad weather.

And of course french traditional Patisseries that I shared with my mother, my favorite one is definetyl the miniature lemon cake.

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