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Coffee toned dress

VELVETMy mother and I were about to have dinner that day in a really nice place, the spot was so chic and elegant. When we were walking through the place just before supper time, we saw that little lila velvet couch just in the entrance of the restaurant and I absolutely wanted to improvise a few pictures which I think turn out pretty good. The coffee dress from paired with light pink accessories such as my chanel pink leather bag and the just anna shoes make a great combo with the interior.

It is almost week-end, finally. Time runs so fast and in less than a week I am back in school. Anyway, let’s not think about sad things : tomorrow you will be able to find on my blog the second goodies post, with tons of pictures I have made throughout this week. Also check my feature on today’s polyvore page :, thank you for all those beautiful sets. I am thinking about making a facebook album on the kayture fan page with all the best sets of polyvore, so stay updated!

BAG : Chanel
LIPSTICK : Saint-Germain

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