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Rosa aztek

SUN’S UPI couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up the other day, there was no rain, no dark clouds, no freeze-your-bones wind : only gorgeous sun with white puffy clouds and hot athmosphere. One great reason to take out my summer dress out of my wardrobe in speed-motion and run outside. I saw on youtube an incredible hair tutorial which inspired me for my hair up do on these pictures : you will be surprised, but I actually made it with a new pair of socks. Must be quiet strange hearing that so I let you watch the video if you want to do the same chignon : HERE. It is of course a funny feeling when you know that you are walking with a sock in your hair, but I think this hairestyle looks very elegant and could be worn either by day either on a cocktail party at night.

I just received this dress from, the fabric is very original : a sort of Missoni inspired aztek pink print. I also loved the cut : you can play with the unique sleeve to make it thin or thick and the back is a bit dos-nu so the chignon matches perfectly. I decided to play on the pinks and lavandes, I paired my Just Anna Shoes to the dress, an other windsorstore item such as the bag and the bright Saint-Germain lipstick wich is definetly my summer favourite. Also you can see me wear some Crea-tiff’s rings and some personal design bracelets.

LIPSTICK : Saint-Germain
BRACELETS : my own designs

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