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JULY FAVOURITESSo I decided that each week I am going to make a ”goodies” post, where I show you all the little things I have discovered, bought or even cooked that I love and of course explain why I do. It is like a little souvenir post that shows those small things that can make your day, and I since I am back from Greece I haven’t stopped making pictures, from my bowl of crunchy cereals to my new jewerly items. I thinks that this week’s ”goodies” post is pretty overloaded with pictures.

The main picture you see here, is a card with one of my favourite bracelets because it reminds me of great memories and lovely moments : both the card and the bracelet were offered to me by james who knows how much I am a lover of clovers and green jade color, I am a true addict. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and don’t forget to vote for ROMWE’s covergirl HERE. Remember if kayture is one of the top 3 blogs, three of you will get 80$ freebies to spend on , just add your name and e-mail address under this post or the previous one.

 My new Creatiff necklace I am so excited to wear, disposed on the Chanel book from Justine Picardie.

Some new boughts from Agent Provocateur, always a pleasure to shop there.
My favourite Too Faced brush I have just brought from Sephora. Simply one of the bests I have ever tried.
After a few sunburns, I must admit that this watermelon body lotion feels like a fresh and juicy waterfall on your skin.
A few incomes for the beginning of the school year I bought in Ordning and Reda, great store for office essentials.
I dropped all my old nail polishes that went dry, yet I have a true passion for OPI and chanel laquers.
After a stressfull day, it is a real pleasure to take a bath with this bubbly and relaxing Molton Brown moussse.
Some delicious spinach Raviolis with cream and cucombers.
Cereals with strawberries, perfect to start a day in a good mood.
A new Isabel Lu shirt I got at the omnitrade’s showroom and a new necklace I made myself, and I am so pround of the result.
Don’t you just love Creatiff’s packaging? These little diamond boxes make the jewerly that’s inside look even more precious.
Eat Clinic, Pray Clinic, Love Clinic. Their products are just the best, and this solar cream is trully worth trying.
I can’t stop wearing this bag, the size and the color match everything.
The first Clover bracelet is a souvenir I bought in Greece, the seconde one is a jewerly piece I have made on my own and the third one is an old vintage piece that is so simple, but stays however one of my favourite.
New Parfume, so sweet : it smells like juice and sugar.
Just love, porridge, with some cucomber/carrot and chicken appetizers the combination is perfect.
My parents got this new coffee machine a few months ago, I can’t even imagine going back to regular coffee now.
Some leopard ballerinas that just arrived yesterday, thanks to Wanted!
New Make-up organisation, I have only kept the essentials.
Raspberries and whole grain bred, fresh and delicious snack for summer.
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