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Beige on black ( crea-tiff’s showroom visit)

 JEWERLY ARTISTGrey day but great day. Yes, the weather wasn’t sunny that is for sure, but in town people were all running from one place to another and we kind of forgot these dark clouds in the sky. James and  I were about to visit our Friend Tiffany Rowe’s showroom. She is mainly a teacher but her passion is all about art and she has a true talent in jewerly designing. So we went to her place, she gently offered us some salmon toasts with coffee drinks and we spoke together about art and culture. Then she showed us her jewerly collections and even let me choose a few pieces, which I got so excited about.

I picked out four amazing necklaces, two rings, some green earrings and one gorgeous golden bracelet. All the jewerly is hand made and some are unique pieces, which makes it like little treasures that I am really looking forward to wear. In my previous post you can see me wear the quartz necklace I have picked out. After we have finished, we took a little walk in town, chosing a nice place to have dinner and bought some office equipment in Ordening & Reda. That day, it was all about casual elegance, I have decided to wear some black trousers and black heels with a beige shirt and some silver jewerly from

LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Saint Germain”
BAG : Old Vuitton 

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