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The luxe of living

SHOPPING SPREEAfter having a cup cuppucino with my mother in a lovely caffe near the town center, we were about to spend some time together by doing what all mothers and daughter love doing : a little shopping. We actually didn’t buy much, but it was a pleasure spending time with her since I have been pretty busy those past weeks. We bought some take-away drinks and desserts and saw the whole town during our walk. We were also very lucky to see the sun all day long.

I am trully looking forward to wear green next season, I am sure it is going to be ”the” popping color I will mad about after my orange obsession. So I have decided to prepair myself for that and picked out this green Isabel Lu shirt at omnitrade’s showroom. The shorts are a dark pink glittery lace, and match surprisely very well the shirt. As for the necklace, I made it on my own. I guess my visit by Tiffany’s showroom has inspired me to creat my own jewerlly pieces, and I must admit that it is a real pleasure to wear something you did on your own.

SHIRT: Isabel Lu
SHORTS : Isabel Lu
BELT : B-low the Belt
BAG : Cosmo

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