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Black band dos-nu

 ETRE LIBRE DE TEMPS EN TEMPS We woke up that day very early because of the shooting and the other appointment especially at the Armand Ventilo’s showroom. My hair had gone bad during this day, because of the shooting I had the hair as hige as an air-baloon. It was quiet impressiv, and I had to clean it at least 4 times to get it back at it’s normal texture. At the end of the day James and I were able to take a long walk in the city do relak a bit after such a stressfull day : it felt too good. Paris is so lovely during the fall season.

I received this Motelrocks dress since long time ago but never had idea how to wear it. It would have looked stunning during summer time, however here is how I wear it for fall. With some black tights and low boots for a little rock and chic outfit. The back of dress is my favourite part, I love the black bands on it : it gives to the grament all it’s uniqueness.

DRESS : Motelrocks
BOOTS : Zara
BAG : Louis Vuitton

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