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Armand ventilo’s showroom

MEETING THE STAFFAfter the fashion shooting for Miss suisse, James and I rushed into a taxi to go to Armand Ventilo’s showroom where we were about to meet all the people involved in a whole new project in collaboration with bloggers, Armand Ventilo Paris and Marie Perron : a very talented illustrator. She has chosen a few bloggers to be the face of the brand, those were made on an ipad and you can see the final result at the end of the post.

After a lovely talk all together, where we spoke about all and everything I had the chance to choose one piece form the current Armand Ventilo collection. There was so many incerdible clothing piece, very classic but yet made of amazing materials. After seing the pictures James and I made, have you got a guess on what I choose? In the mean time : a big thank you to Armand and his friend for such a warm welcome, and of course to Pauline for organizing this great trip.

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