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DESSERTS Yes food is almost always the main interest in my goodies post, food has always and will always be a worldwide passion for everybody, right? Well in this post you can see the little desserts James and I shared during our trip, in Ladurée or at the incredible café Angelina we savoured our treats and always wanted to taste something new.

A little news I wanted to let you know about, and it may interest the ones that live in Switzerland. Ihave the chance to organize a fashion show at the Diagonal Club in Zurich where I am presenting some outfit combinations and I am also going to catwalk myself. If you have the opportunity to be there : it will be saturday at 24pm. Hope some of you will be able to join and have fun!

A caroussel in front of the eiffel tower : I wanted to have a ride so bad. Unfortunatly I was abit old for such games :(.

One of the best dessert I have ever tried : it is called ”Divin” and is made of two almond cookies and vanilla cream with some fresh raspberries.
Our breackfast at Ladurée, one of their traditional Omelette.

I have always loved Paris for it’s Architecture and all the gorgeous art pieces that decorate the city.

Before leaving for our train, we had lunch at ”The First”, a lovely resaurant where they serve incredible burgers.
Tea time, how nice are those cups. 

A little souvenir gift for my family : I really wanted them to try a few ”Anglina” cookies and Jellies.

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