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SHORT WEEKI am highly excited about my upcoming next week, I am in fact leaving for a couple of days to visit Lisbon. I have never been in Portugal and can’t wait to discover this new place, especially when I know that the temperature will be no less than 25 degree there while in Swiss in will get down until 3 degree in the morning. It is always such a pleasure to travel, get to know a new culture and meet new people, travelling must be one of the greatest things.

Here are some goodies especially for this gray and cold temperature, it is actually surprising that there is no food pictures : it has been a while my my. Next time I will defininetly think about taking some shots of all the tasty discoveries during my week. I guess that I simply dind’t have time to get to know new food during this working week, no time to eat in new places unfortunatly, I am trully looking forward to fall holidays. I wish a pleasant week-end to you all.

Nothing better than grabing this thermos filled with hot tea during long days of sitting in a freezy class room.

A new bracelet I have just received form Zara Taylor, one of my favourite jewerly piece of the moment. Thank you Zara!

A gift to all the miss swiss candidates, a Rhomberg jewerly set.

Glitter nailpolishes, a must for this season to be sparkly anytime.

Red Yves Saint-Laurent lipstick,  the best accessory for any outfit.

Trully the number one mascara I have ever tried.

Some fantasy jewerly from

The new collection of Dior’s nailpolishes, this blue one is amazing. It is called ”TUXEDO’.

My skin tends to get really dry when cold weather approaches, therefore this honey body cream is the best remedy.

New Golden heels form Zara, I am highly in love with those two babies.

The greatest top coat on earth, it dries any nailpolish in less than 20 seconds.
New SAL Y LIMON bangles, can’t wait to wear them.

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