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Velvet and bordeau red

Pictures by James Vyn

THE FALL’S OBCESSIONSAs you can see, the weather isn’t as sunny as we wish it was. No in fact we get lucky to see a little bit of sunlight during lunch and then it is all gray during the whole evening and morning. However Lisbon is another story, the weather is gorgeous and it feels good to tan a bit on the sun : a good summer skin tone at any time of the year is one of my biggest dream. Yes i do get very pale skinned during cold seasons unfortunatly for me, so this little trip to the sun will only do me good.

You can imagine that these pictures were made in Switzerland, we shot them just before my departure. I decided to wear one of my favourite garment piece of the moment : this gray velvet Zara t-shirt that I paired with a long platted bordeau skirt and some glitter miu miu for a bit of sparkles. I love this combination of gray and dark red, also the golden accessories and red lips to finish the whole look.

SHIRT : Zara
CLUTCH : Vintage
NECKLACE : Personal Design
SHOES : Miu miu

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