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LAZY SATURDAY When you keep on rushing all week long, swinging between math classes, shootings, e-mails and other tasks, nothings feels better than taking some time to rest during the week-end. Therefore it is nice to sleep a little more than usually, make some beauty winter treatments such as hydrating masks or vanilla smelled body peelings. Also I love watching TV shows and eat those delicious soups you can buy at my local super market. This is what my ideal winter lazy day looks like. Also I wanted to let you know that I wasn’t a full couch patatoe today, I have spent my morning fliming the make-up video and am sop excited to work on it. No long text for today, I rush back to bed. It’s time to watch ”two and a half men”! Have a nice week-end xx

New shoe-crush, these little treasures were bought last week in Zara.
My new jewel clutch, thanks to wanderlust!

Amazing gifts from, love the neon sweater!

Goodies brought back to friends form Tokyo.

New make-up essentials.

Sparkles in a powder puff from Dior. Perfect for a nice winter glow.

When the weather gets too gray, this Sunshine frangance is perfect to boost up one’s mood.

Baby shampoo for delicate hair.

A gift that one of my friend brought me back from her visit at the Harry Potter park in Orlando. It’s even written KAY on it, how cool is that.

Other jewerly pieces I received yesterday from wanderlust.

Amazing nailpolish colour for Chirstmas called ”MEET & JINGLE”

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