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Red on porcelaine

LAZY SICK WEEK-END Remember how I told you that I was going to spend my weekend at home with TV shows, soups and beauty treatments? Well it ended up with pills, tissues and hot honey tea. I was sick, stuck deeply in the hot sheets of my bed with a huge scarf around the neck. It is unbelievable, each time cold weather shows up, I catch up strong winter illnesses. Perhaps I should try to wear more winter adapted outfits for the blog… That is something I will seriously think about! Luckily James came to entertain me a little, we have spent time watching movies such as ”The Mask” which actually made me laugh so hard ( and then caught so hard…). Cameron Diaz is for sure one super hottie and I wondered how would I have behaved if I wore this green mask that accentuates your personality. I think I would have ran to the closest shopping center to buy new shoes, and then baked some winter cookies… So basically this was my very exciting weekend, I hope to get better soon because tons of projects are waiting. What about you guys, how was your week-end?

This outfit was shot a few days ago when I was out in the center of Lausanne for a Dinner. We were about to taste one of the famous winter traditional meals called ” La Chasse” made of an assortement of differemeent meats at our favourite restaurant. I decided to go with a snow white look, red lips on extremely pale skin. A white blouse from Isabel Lu, a red skirt from Zara and my beloved Miu Miu to finish the ensemble. The faux-fur jacket is very warm even if there is no sleeves and is good for cool winter days. Also this vintage clutch is one of my favourite of the season, it is too small for a whole day out but it is nice to take with during a dinner or a party.

BLOUSE : Isabel Lu
HEELS : Miu Miu
CLUTCH : Vintage
BRACELET : Parfois
BELT : Zara
LIPSTICK : Rouge Volupté 17 ”Red Muse”

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