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TOO MUCH GOODIES DELAYSAfter having huge wireless issues yesterday, I finally managed today to restore it back and post my goodies article. I actully tend to feel those past days like a real blogger addict. I did carry my camera almost everyday with me, trying to spot some inspirations. And therefore I think I should do this all the time, you never know when a picture is needed. Could you imagine one day stumbelling accross Lady Gaga doing her purchases at your next door supermarket, that might never happen of course ( who knows) but I am sure this is a reason to cry if you don’t have a camera with in case it actually do happen! Well you have always got your phone, thanks 21st century technology. You might not believe me but, some friends of mine saw Natalie Portman in the most random restaurant of Geneva. Celebrities love Switzerland for holidays. We are so calm and peacefull, and would never ask for a picture ( humhum). They didn’t, but I can tell you that they had big regrets!

Now, about this week’s goodies. I did attend to the famous, crazy, Versace for H&M opening collection. I was so naive to believe that at two o’clock of the afternoon, there will still be the dress that I wanted. And I was right, there was almost nothing left except from some pair of leggings, a few belts and some dresses. I was so lucky because one of the clients returned this red dress that you can see, after trying it on it looked marvelous. However I must say that I was quiet disappointed. It was impossible for me to come early morning because of my classes, I mean I couldn’t say : hey guys, I am missing school for some high importance shopping issues. Not very serious. So during my maths class, some girls and boys were at a fashion war in H&M. I heard that at eleven am stocks were out. I never would have guessed. What did you guys get form the Versace collection? I want to know.
Enjoy the goodies post and have a great week-end.

My new nail polish for fall/winter ”OR DIVIN” from Dior’s Chrismas collection.
I love clovers, bought these pieces at Follie Follie duty free in Tokyo.
A really good hair product from Shiseido’s collection called ”Ma Chérie”.
A new clutch bought at TOPSHOP, don’t know why but it reminded me the D&G collection.
I love the scent of this body mist, and use it after my warm morning shower to refresh up.
Some pyjama shorts from Forever 21, such a cute pattern.
Loved these earring from Forever 21 aswell.
A gift from James for my 18th birthday, he knows it all about my lover obcession!
Best lipbalm, even compared to the Dior ”crème de rose”, I can tell that this one is way better.
I am a lush addict, their products are such good quality and have amazing smells. Also, they are great presents.
Very kawaii hand wipes, usefull while travelling.
Some Ladurée butter cookies, for the tea time.

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