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Pictures by JAMES VYN

HOLIDAY SEASONThis kind of weather just makes me want to stay in bed all day long and drink hot chocolates while eating cookies in front of a nice tv show. This is also the time of the year when you don’t go out that much, and find various activities to do at home. First, you get addicted to your thickest, usually ugliest socks. Mine are with a Hello Kitty pattern, very chic.I also had ones with ducks on them… But that is an old story. Second, the pyjama you would never wear in front of somebody, the one you litteraly float in and which is perfect to sit in any comfortable or uncomfortable postion on the couch. Then you find things to do like redecorating your room ( that is what I am thinking about right now), or for example do some blogging, check some blogs, find some blogs, create a blog? This must be the reason why I started mine in winter. This Chrismas period is just perfect for those lazy, and cozy type of activities. It had been a tradition for me since I have been born, to become a real bed-patato during winter but this year I was thinking about changing a bit my habits and trying to go out a bit more, even if my bones trasform into ice cubes. I think it is such a gorgeous season, and there are too many things to discover and to try. Ice skating for example?

Are you guys already thinking about your Chrismas presents? I am, and it is always such a difficult decision. Presents have always been for me the coolest part of any celebration ( a part from the feast, turkey yum). These are those little intentions for the people you love the most, they have to be special. Therefore I try to think about the gifts in advance, to find the best ones possible. Let me know what are your ideas!
For this outfit I decided to stay in a neutral palette by wearing my favourite combination : nude and black. There is something about those two colours that I love. I think that pulled up together they bring so much chic and elegance. So here I matched some black leather-inspired leggins from with a nude shirt and a nude blazer over it, which one is from, definetly an online shop to check. Not only their prices are totally affordable but the clothes also have great designs. The little Michael Kors bag is a souvenir brought back from the FNO Michael Kors party in Tokyo with James. Such great memories.

SHIRT : Zara
SHOES : Mango
BAG : Michael Kors
NECKLACE : Topshop
LIPSTICK : A mix of  ”génial” from Chanel and the classic red from Lancôme.

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