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Fall cape

Pictures byJAMES VYN

COLD MESSED UP WEATHERI keep on dreaming that one day I will live in a very hot country, will spend my days under a coconut tree sipping cocktails, wearing bikinis and daisy dukes all-day-long. That is my main ambition in life. Please respect. Actually the reason why I says this is because of the nordic weather comfortably installed in Switzerland those past days. Perhaps it is hard to notice it in my pictures, but I am the kind of person who gets always cold no matter how much layers I wear ( sometimes it can be more than four, if you count the underwear, the shirt, the sweater, the jacket, the scarf for the extra freezing situations and the vest ). So sometimes I think, well let’s do the effort of wearing light things for the blog. So that is why you don’t see me with hundreds of pieces on, luckily you don’t see me either rushing back to get my jacket after the pictures done. I mean, there can be many gorgeous vests, but however I love dresses and blouses and hate hiding them. So yes, I did get sometimes sick because of that, and well it is a bit embarassing sometimes too, especially when it comes about explaining to the doctor the causes of the illness…

This post is the perfect example of the kind of vest I enjoy wearing for fall. Not only I love it’s original cape shape but also it’s light cinnamon colour which matches perfectly the dead leaves of the season. I received it as a present last week from and am really excited to try many combinations with it. Also a good point out of it is that it keeps me warm! So if I go with the cape, a hat is needed too. This one is also from romwe and is actually a melon hat but I changed the edges to make it look a bit different and more inspired by the hats women wore in the 30. The boots are my new bought of the month, my ”coup de coeur” like we say it in french. They are from one of my favourite shoe shop called ”Cuple”. Not only they are so comfortable, but also match a lot of things in my garderobe so I am sure to wear them as much as I can.

SHOES : Cuple

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