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The crystal bra

Pictures byJAMES VYN

BACK IN SWITZERLANDIt feels somehow quiet good to be finally home. However the most uncomfortable part of coming back was for sure the weather. In Tokyo you could have been outside with a light blouse and some leggins, here it is almost imposible to go out without a scarfs or some double pair of tights. But after such an exciting week that James and I savoured it is time to come back to reality and cocentrate on the studies. I must admit that sometimes it is pretty hard to do a blog at the same time as being at a hundred percent a senior student in high school , there are so many important tasks and exams to do and the blog requires a real personal investment and a lot of time. But it is such a passion to do this, and of course when I see all the opportunities that it opens, it makes me just want to go on and on. I love the concept of blogging and sharing with the world some ideas and your visions of how one interprets style and fashion. Blogging is such a huge step forward in the whole fashion communication idea. So I am truly excited to finish high school and to concentrate on my interets concerning the fashion industry. 

School is for sure highly important for me so I hope to end up this year with good grades, even if sometimes I complain over studies as we all do I am sure I think it is really usefull. It brings aptitudes to see the world and experience it through a whole new vision because of all the things that have been learned, they give a real retrospective on one’s opinions. You learn to analyze and not judge on appearences. So I do feel lucky to be able to study, I know that not everybody in the world have the chance to have schools and remember that even a few years ago women couldn’t benefit of  a proffessional education. The women’s emancipation rule! 
So therefore let’s talk about something less serious : the outfit. I received this bag during the FNO in Tokyo from the Reed Krakoff store and thank them so much for this amazing gift. It is huge so is perfect for school or shopping to put a whole bunch of stuffs in it. Also this classic black blouse comes from one my favourite online shop, I thought it looked great paired with the iconic crystal bra! What do you think?

 BRA :
BAG : Reed Krakoff
SKIRT : Zara
BOOTS : Mango
BRACELET : Forever 21

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