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Camel tones and january elle

Pictures by JAMES VYN

MERRY CHRISTMAS! First of all, I hope you all guys received all you wanted under your christmas tree and the you had a great day. It has been so long since my last post my my… I guess that is how it is when you get sick. But I am so happy to be healthy again and back on the block. James and I went out yesterday to buy the last presents for family and friends so it was the perfect occasion to make some pictures.Ah, it is amazing to be back on high heels again, I missed those…
My outfit is very neutral, composed of some camel elements such as the sweater, the capeline and the clutch (thanks to for such a great gift) and finally the Just Anna Shoes.The all combined to the yeti faux-fur coat from and a few golden jewerly pieces. Let’s not forget the Chanel lipstick in ”génial” that adds the little hint of colour.

I have bought the january issue of Elle as soon as I saw Gaga on the cover, you how much I love her and her crazy excentric character she has build up. The shoot is amazing, Matt Irwin did a great job that is for sure. The styling by Nicola Formichetti is stunning aswell ( aah those Guiseppe Zanotti heels, aah this Alexander McQueen dress…),. It is definitely worth reading if you love the Lady, some quotes are memorable and made me laugh so bad.
” She knows instinctively if something works ( the green Simone Rocha dress is ‘like a sexy watermelon’). And she pulls no punches – one outfit is flatly rejected as it ‘doesn’t make my fashion-pussy wet’.’

SHOES : Just Anna Shoes
LIPSTICK : Chanel ”Génial”
JEWERLY : Parfois and some vintage pieces.

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