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The home post

WINTER. BED. SOUPIt’s insane seriously, how come each time the cold weather shows up,my poor weak body get instantly sick? I guess my defensive cells don’t manage to do well their work… So yeah, back to bed, back to soup, tea and medicines. How great! Perhaps it’s my punishment for always running under-dressed in winter. Okay guys, in my next outfits posts you will see me wearing a huge eskimo coat and my ski pants ( let’s not forget the gigantic chapka, the gloves and the knit scarf  that gramma offered me last chirstmas… it has pompoms on it…) I hope you’ll like it!
So what exciting activities did I manage to find out this time ( of course I could’t do once again a movie session just like last time when I watched 8 movies during my illness) no I had to improvise. So I went on and there I saw something great. Emanuelle Alt publishes everyday until christmas some festiv songs. I noticed that there was so many that I didn’t know, or some artists that I haven’t took enough time to listen. Therefore I found my activity : listening and savor David Bowie, Blondie , Grease or Madonna. Very relaxing, and actually very inspirational too. Each of these artist have such an amazing sense of fashion. I can wait to get healthy again and combine some crazy outfits for the upcoming celebrations. If you are looking for a good party song : Heart of Glass by Blondie is great!

I received a couple of days ago a lovely package from with some yellow silk housewear. The quality is unbelievable and I want to thank the brand for such an amazing gift. It was actually perfect since that’s exactly what I needed right now. Something beautiful but at the same time comfortable to rest at home, also isn’t it a prefect christmas gift? If you guys still haven’t got your presents, here is one good idea. I managed a few days ago, before I got sick, to shoot these pictures. Enjoy, I am going back to bed!

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