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Cape and green skirt

Pictures byJAMES VYN

ANOTHER AFTERNOON How funny it is to look at these pictures, no snow, no gloves and no red nose. Now, if I look through my window, I can see at least 12 centimetres of thick snowflackes covering the park. Even if snow isn’t really practical, I must admit that it is amazingly gorgeous ( it reminds me of those desserts covered of icing sugar yum..). Well unfortunately each time it gets cold, I get a little sick. So I decided to spend my day at home, rest a little bit to avoid a huge illness just like last time : I have so many important exams this week that I simply can’t miss school. So here we go once again, tea, tea and tea again. Hot baths, candles and syrup. I will spend my whole day in bed with books ans tissues.
I truly can’t wait the christmas holidays to arrive, this month has been so stressfull to me, not only I had to manage at least three very important exam per week  but also I got involved in a lot of very exciting projects that I can’t wait to talk to you about. And let’s not forget that James and I always tried to find a bit of time to fit in a little outfit shoot between all this! So yes, I am counting the days and the hours until holidays.

As I said, it is extremely strange to see those few shots because today, it would have been impossible to go out dressed up like that. But on the beginning of last week, the weather was so chill and nice, there was absolutely no problem going out with a simply cape. This one actually is from Romwe’s haute-couture collection. Being a total nude-matched-to-black lover, I simply could’t resist. I decided to play a little bit with some very basic shades such as black tights and shirt, and combine them to a colourfull green skirt. I love this contrast. You may have also seen the ankle boots in my previous post called ”Blue bag”, these Fabi are incredible. Not only they are really comfortable but also, don’t they look perfect for new year’s eve? If you haven’t already, you should for sure join the Fabi giveaway to win an amazing pair of shoes from this quality italian brand, to take part in the contest CLICK HERE!
Turns out this outfit it quite minimalistic, no jewerly and no accessory. But let’s say that the cherry on the top is the touch of Vegas Volt on the lips. Have a good monday!

SKIRT : Zara
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Vegas Volt”

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