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Diesel event

Pictures by JAMES VYN

 JEANS AND GIANT PERFUME BOTTLES It was such a pleasure to be invited at the Diesel event organized in Geneva last week. First, I must say that it was really interesting to discover the history of the jean made by Diesel and their many years of researches to understand the way to satisfy women with those timeless blue pants aswell. Some like the slim, the other ones love the boyfriend cut. And I? Well it has always been delicate for me to wear jeans ( yes… I know, I am not normal.) but I honestly never liked the classic blue jean on me. However, even though I rarely wear that type of garment I love how jean’s design evolved thourgh years, the cuts are more interestings such as the colours and the details, rivets, stud, everything is possible and designers get more and more curious to play with this iconic fashion piece, their imagination has got no limits. Of course it happens, sometimes I decided to wear a pair of jeans, but usually they are black and very slim which actually tend to look like leggins. My style has always been all about elegance, being chic and modern : I guess I should find a way to interpret the jean in this direction. New challenge!
The evening was lovely, O.P.I had their own little spot where they introduced us to their new shatter nail polish ( have you heard about it?) and some little pastries were spread all around the place, pretty hard to resist to those cute little cupcakes and candies. Also it was a real pleasure to meet ( meet again actually) Amanda, a swiss blogger from Le Ravage and especially share our opinions about fashion in Switzerland.

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