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MY FOUR BUDDIESThey are called hello holo, or divin, péridot and meet & jingle. This aren’t the names of some other random movies I saw last week when I was sick, or some boring Christmas songs played at family’s reunion parties. No, actually these are the names of my four favourite nail polish colours for the upcoming end of the year 2011. When it comes to Christmas or winter in my head tons of popping red sequins appear, a decorated fir tree by the fireplace with gold and silver star shaped baubles. Colourful gift wraps, sparkly snowflakes. A warm atmosphere embellished by vanilla and cinnamon candles. Fluffy red scarves and of course a lot of hot chocolate (and cookies, don’t forget that, it’s the most important part). This is very cute and everything, but really, winter is such a great and inspirational season to dress up and accessorize. Those four nail polish basically represent what mood I am in for this month of December in terms of fashion, burgundy with O.P.I , Technicolor glitters with Essence, a luxury touch of gold by Dior and finally an unexpected chameleon colour looking like a jewel stone by Chanel.

Yes, the Christmas period is a great time for festive outfits, and especially New Year’s Eve which is the best occasion to really shine. Did you know that the way you celebrate it can influence your whole year (that is why there is always a fortune colour to wear for each one of them that will bring you luck in the upcoming year. I think last time it was silver, and I wonder what it will be in 2012. Also don’t forget the red underwear ( very important aswell), which is a tradition for New Year’s Eve. Actually I don’t really know why I am talking about all those end of the year parties; I guess I simply can’t wait for holidays anymore. And the cold, the snow only looks pretty when you are celebrating with family indoor around a turkey (not when you have to wake up 5am to go to school, hurray). Anyhow, enjoy the goodies post and happy Tuesday!

By the way check out my interview for TEEN VOGUE click here:).

The aubergine pumps I received for my birthday, these Louis Vuitton heels are my shoe-crush of the year.

A box full of macarons from Ladurée, the best indulgent for tea time, yum!
I always wanted to try out the nude lips look, ”Crème de nude” by M.A.C is the perfect shade.
Miss Dior Chérie and Coco Mademoiselle with some freshly cleaned laundry, I love those light and feminin frangances.

These were my last week’s fellows, we had a great time together.

Oh, yeah : these were pretty cool dudes too.
Back to chic stuff, reorganizing my make-up drawr for winter.
My favourite dessert : Lemon curd cakes. You should see me eating it : first I savour the lemon cream for an hour or so and I finish with the salty cookie. My mother and boyfriend constantly make fun of me.

A beautiful chandelier lamp in our favourite restaurant, wish I could have that in my room ( and a bigger room aswell).

Little muffins at the end of our sunday dinner.

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